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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life is like a tree

I was lying under a tree one day and was looking up at the branches running from the main trunk and realized that our lives are just like trees. The bottom part is our birth and our lives growing up with our parents. Then we have choices in live we can make and different paths to take, just like the branches in a tree. Every branch leads to its own shape and different little branches and leaves. Sometimes one of the branches dies and starts growing again from one of the smaller branches.
We die a little on this road called life with pain and suffering we live through and tragedies that befall us. Each branch represents a different road we choose to take and that leads to different situations we will find ourselves in life. Some choices lead to a longer life and others to a shorter life. We can’t blame anyone for the things we choose to do or paths we choose to take. When you leave your parent’s home your life is in your own hands.
We become responsible for what happens in our lives and anything that goes wrong can’t be blamed on others or situations that shaped our lives. We make our own mistakes and we have free will to choose to do the right or wrong thing. Like the branches in a tree, life comes to an end at some time or another and one day we will have to account for our actions and mistakes. We can’t call on anyone to be a witness to our lives or blame others for our trespasses.
 Nobody can force us to take drugs or kill an innocent person or any other kind of wrong action we decided upon. It will then just be between us and God. When others have been hateful to you and it made you a bitter person, they won’t be punished for it. When things go wrong in our lives it is the way we react to it and use it to become better human beings that count. Bitterness and hate will not make you a better person and it will definitely not make you feel peace and joy. Each of us is responsible for our own lives and what we become because of our experiences.
Blessed Be and Namaste!!