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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Angels surround us even when life is at it's darkest.

The road is dark and treacherous and danger lurks everywhere. You are tired and terrified, stumbling along with no hope. You feel your feet slipping on wet stones and your hands fly around to find purchase. Suddenly you feel arms holding you upright. A thorn from a bush snag on our clothes and you feel the hysteria welling up in your being. Soft hands loosen the snare and you sigh in relief. A snarl comes from the foliage and a horrible mangled face appears with bloody fangs exposed. A shriek escapes your mouth, but the unseen hands push the monster back to where it came from.

Soft whispers in your ear soothingly encourage you to move forward. “You are not alone, we are with you to protect you”. Suddenly a golden light appears in the distance. You feel dread and hope in equal measure well up inside your torn heart. “We will reach the light, do not despair,” the words fill you mind. You wonder if you will make it to the light, so much darkness and evil surround you right now. You near the light while trying to walk without falling down on the uneven path. It seems so far to go and you feel the helplessness enter your mind again. “Keep going,” the whispers urge you, “it is not far to go now.”

Your foot hooks on a root and you feel your body pitched forward but the hands are there to stop your fall. The golden light is becoming brighter and for a moment hope soars in your heart. Your mind tells you it is just an illusion like all other hopes that died in you. “Don’t give up, it is not far to go now,” the loving voice tells you. Hope starts to swell inside you and you walk faster, determined to make it. The light is right in front of you and you can hear voices singing and praising the creator. The songs fill you with longing and wonder. As if you have taken a huge leap you are in the light. The soft golden love of it enters your soul, mind and body. You feel glorious acceptance and joy and you face open in a smile. You look around for the presences which brought you here but everyone is around you now.

Angels with beautiful snow white wings enfold you and chant the song of love. Your heart wants to burst with the love and joy you feel. God is here and you are safe now. Peace has entered you mind and you know you are not alone in this world. The angels of God is around and guiding you all the way on your path. You know you will have to go back to reality but for the moment you wallow in the beauty of the moment. Never again will you feel alone and loveless, you know the place that awaits you and the guardians who safeguard your every step in life. God will never leave you alone to suffer, no matter what the dark forces tell you. This life is but a moment to endure before eternity. The love, peace and joy of God await you at the end of it.
Blessed Be and Namaste, my fellow travelers.