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Friday, August 30, 2013

To be loved...

We all need to be loved, like a flower thirsts for raindrops on its tender petals.
We need to be adored, seeing our beloved's eyes shine with brightness at the mere sight of us.
We need to know that someone's heart sings when we are near, tender notes quivering in harmony with the beat of our hearts.
We need to be adored, our lover's face turned towards us like a sunflower follows  
the sun, worshiping the golden rays that make it burst into vibrant color.

 We need that powerful emotions tearing into our whole being like a hungry wild beast, devouring us with the intensity of it.
Kahlil Gibran says it so perfect and I have never read anything that comes close to describing it; "To know the pain of too much tenderness, to be wounded by your own understanding of love and to bleed willingly and joyfully."
 That is what we all desire with every breath we take, every heartbeat and every atom of our existence.
We require that holy of emotions that makes all our senses come alive and burn like a raging fire.
I hope you have this in your life to treasure every day.