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Friday, August 9, 2013

Desperate internet dating??

Dating sites give me the creeps. I have done some research over the past few months and had some fun with weird people on these sites. Stop me if I am wrong, but is the standard greeting by most men... Hi there sexy!? Or maybe just give their telephone numbers and email addresses out and hope for the best? Is the reason that they are desperate or holding thumbs for an unsuspecting female who will fall for this inane talk?
What about starting a conversation... And what else are you doing? What? Really guys, come on now. What do you think we are doing sitting in front of the computer? I know many women can multi-task but chatting somewhere takes up all my concentration and I can’t be doing something else as well. Maybe they think I am doing washing dragging my laptop around with me. Not likely!
Let me warn you girls these guys are insistent. They want to know what you are wearing for no reason I could surmise at all. They will also keep asking the same idiotic things over and over. There were times I was wondering if the comments were computer generated. However I think some computers have brilliant programmers who could surely think up more intelligent pick-up lines.
There are lonely and desperate men out there. And let us not forget the women. Someone told me there are some who immediately want to know what they earn a month. Perhaps looking for potential support in the future? There are even hookers plying their trade on the sites. That was interesting news to me. How innovative of them. You think we get spam here? Think again, spammers zap around all over the World Wide Web.
One guy couldn't stop telling me what he owns, including 27 sports cars!! Wow, I wonder if he thought that would impress me and cause me to hyperventilate and beg for a meeting. How many cars can you drive at one time I ask you? Sex is one of their favorite topics. They can’t stop talking about it and if you are not charmed by it they feel intensely offended. Obviously it is the only thing their little minds can contain for that moment.
If you are looking for intelligent conversation with someone who is educated, think again. I have chatted to a very few, can’t even count them on one hand, interesting and intelligent men. Another thing that keeps their concentration singularly is private photographs of you. I am sure you can use your own imagination on that one.  Some of them really frightened me with their blatant sexual overtones.
Do men really think about one thing only? There has to be some who are not ruled by only that and have other ideas about finding someone to maybe have a relationship with. It was a very intrusive and invasive experience most of the time and I don’t think I will be doing the dating scene on the internet just yet. But it was great fun to know I am collecting fodder for this blog and not one of the vulnerable females out there who is just looking for someone real.