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Friday, September 13, 2013

We all suffer misfortunes in life...

Nobody in this world lives a carefree and perfect life. Someone may look like they have no troubles but it could be that they are just wearing a mask to hide what they are feeling deep down. Everyone has their own battle to fight and it could appear insignificant to some but to that person it is seems insurmountable. Many of us lie awake at night worrying about the outcome of something we are struggling with.

We don’t have the right to distinguish between what is trivial or enormous for someone else. Our capacity for handling difficulties all differ from person to person depending on our mental strength. You might be able to tolerate great anguish but others fold when faced with the slightest predicament. Who are we to judge a person’s strength or weaknesses?

We face different adversities in our careers, family life, physical and mental health and a host of other areas of life.  Some of us possess the faculties to work through these hardships in a realistic manner but others have a very difficult time finding obvious solutions.

It is always easy to advise someone and point out clarifications when you are not it that situation. When in the midst of a predicament we don’t realize the answers that lie right in front of us because our minds are in turmoil when presented with it. At that moment it feels utterly impossible that it will ever be resolved. In hindsight we always know what could and should have been our reactions and the way out of it.

Be compassionate today when you encounter someone going through a difficult time. Everyone is vulnerable when in anguish so try to be understanding when someone confides in you. Don’t dismiss their misfortunes as inconsequential. If they trust you enough to share their worries they deserve your sympathy not your scorn. Your reaction could very well be the push over that gaping cliff into darkness.

Blessed Be and Namaste!