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Friday, September 6, 2013

My angel Emile...

A wonderful beautiful angel was sent by God from heaven to grace my life for almost 21 years.
He suffered on earth to teach me unconditional love, unbearable pain, compassion and being humble before the Almighty Power of God.
He came to teach me that each and every person on earth has a place in the puzzle of life. That nothing happens without God’s hand in it.
He taught me patience and empathy and sympathy for the plight of others.
He showed me that I was stronger than I ever could imagine. That God truly won’t give us a cross we can’t carry to the end.
That special angel was my son Emile, who left me by taking his own life, to force me to go in the deepest darkest places of myself and find the reason for my life here on earth.
He sparkled like a diamond in my life and was allowed by God to return to Heaven to fulfill my life’s destiny.
This is a testament to the joy and love Emile gave me, the smiles and laughter he brought into my life.
The beautiful unconditional love he always showed me, the steadfast way he lived his life, with resolve to make it a great life.
Through pain and suffering he lived to enrich my life.
And the tragic way he left to make me realize my own worth to God. To force me to open my eyes to the way I am suppose to live.
To see the beauty of life and the joy it can bring me by giving of myself and open my heart to the voice of God.  
I salute you, Emile, you are my inspiration to be everything I can be and I will do it in your honor.
May my beautiful angel always watch over me, and be there for me when it is my time to go to the other side, to receive me with his arms wide open and be proud for the things I have done.
I thank God my Father for sending that special angel of his and let him be in my life for the time he had here to teach me all.
I love you my beautiful son!!!