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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The strange place of precognitive dreams...

I’ve had strange precognitive dreams for many years but two of them made a very big impression on me because it warned me of imminent tragedy. Even though I knew it was going to happen it was still a shock to me every time it proved to be right.

“Before the big white light took me I knew everything”, A text message a received in a dream from my son Emile a few months before he died by suicide. This was so upsetting to me because I knew something was going to happen to him and I cautioned him to get his life in order. At the same time as warning me it also answered questions I had after his death.

Death by suicide is seen as self-murder and a few people had to point out that my son’s soul was never going to rest. The idea that my precious son would be lost in darkness all alone almost drove me insane. However, I recalled the words “the big white light” in his message and that set my mind at ease. It also informed me that we have knowledge after death, about everything we don’t understand in our earthly bodies. That was very comforting to me.

A few months before my husband died Emile visited me in a dream and held me tight telling me he loved me. He then looked at me and said “You can do this thing”. I knew for certain another tragedy was going to strike and when my husband passed away from a massive heart attack I recalled the dream immediately.

The months that followed was very challenging and each time I felt like giving up I would recall Emile’s words. I can do this thing and I did, even if the journey seemed insurmountable at times.

A month ago I had another two dreams about Emile that is still puzzling me and I don’t know what to make of it. I asked a faceless presence if I could call Emile because I miss him so terribly. The presence asked me how long our previous call lasted and I answered 49 minutes. When I tried calling him I couldn’t recall his number and I cried myself awake. I have searched for the meaning of the number 49 and this is what I found.

“The goal of life is to attain omnipotence and omniscience on the highest cosmic plane (49), and the meaning of life is actively working towards that goal.”

I Ching Hexagram: 49
Name: Ko.
Keyphrase: Revolution.
Formed By The Trigrams: Lake over Fire.

I have absolutely no idea at this stage what my dream meant. For a few nights after this I traveled with Emile in dreams to wonderful places where I have never been, met interesting people and ate strange things.  

This is the reason I believe that spirits from the other side visit us in our dreams, which nobody else can ever enter.

Namaste my fellow travelers!