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Monday, September 2, 2013

Evil emotions masquerading as something pure...

The human is a very complex being and we can show emotions that look the same but are opposites in fact. It is very hard to see the difference because the evil one parades as the other smoothly. I will tell you a little about only three of them.  They are attachment masquerading as love, pity as compassion and indifference as equanimity.  
When you love someone you want what is the best for them, you want them to be happy and fulfilled in life. You give them freedom to be what they are best. Attachment on the other hand wants that entire person in an unhealthy way. They use the word love to manipulate and stifle the other person’s growth and happiness. They act as if they love someone to coerce them into doing what they want or to be someone they want them to be. You can also see this with some parents trying to live through their children, making them dependant on them. Love on the other hand will let them grow and live responsible and great lives.
Compassion means empathy and caring for someone on a deep level. It is feeling equal to them and wanting to be there in times of trouble. When you can actually feel what someone else is feeling not just feeling sorry for them. Pity makes one feel superior to someone else. Glad you are not in their shoes. It is looking down at someone who is struggling to survive. It can look the same way but it isn’t. Compassion is a noble feeling where pity is the complete opposite. Many people act with compassion but really are thanking god they are not in that person’s situation. And when it comes down to it they won’t be there to help.
Equanimity is the ability to overcome great tragedy in one’s life. It means the capability to experience tremendous pain but being able to get through it and accept things and move on in life. It is the aptitude to survive life’s difficulties and see the beauty still around you. It also means when you can stay composed in stressful situations. Indifference on the other had is the evil opposite of this, looking like you are handling things where you in fact feel nothing at all. To not be able to feel deeply for anyone and just acting like they do. This is the worst kind of opposite because inside they are hollow empty beings. They lack the ability to feel anything at all.
Blessed Be and Namaste!!