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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ode to Death

Every day the siren call of death whispers my name seductively. It promises relief from the darkness that pulls me in, helpless I am to the infinite power that enfolds me.
Death, I beg your wings enfold me,
And claim my body and soul.
I covet your power
Release me from this world.
I offer myself to thee, take me
This life is not for me any more.
I beg you take me by any means you desire.
I am yours for the taking.
I am free from the bonds of this earthly life,
I am free to be your victim,
So take me where I belong.
I am alone and lost between earth and heaven.
I don’t need life any more.
I have learned all there is to learn,
I have learned about unbearable pain and agony.
I have known the disappointment of loss,
I had my time to live, and now I beg my time to die.
I will wait for you on a high mountain,
I will close my eyes and spread my arms.
I will stand vulnerable and poised for flight.
You can come in a bolt of lightning
And take me away from this endless battle I have no strength to
Fight any longer.
The big black dog haunts me relentlessly,
It threatens to tear me apart and swallow me.
All I want to do is give in,
Give over to its power.
I’m exhausted struggling to overcome
The insistent might of depression.
I long to give up and fall right over the cliff,
Where my soul will find wings and fly away….