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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Castle of horror...

The castle of horror stands alone abandoned and ruined on the highest point of the hill. The dark windows glare with evil intent, trying to ensnare you and steal your innocent soul.
Your eyes follow the signs of centuries of mold along the black walls, where the shining multi-colored scales of a mystical beast shine invitingly in the glare of the full moon. Dark menacing clouds curl around the spires of the roof with evil promise.
Terrified and carefully you make your way up the cobbled footpath wondering what will be waiting for you in this wicked place. Perhaps here you will witness quiet acceptance of century’s pain and suffering. 
While you stand shivering looking up, wandering souls in hopeless search for mercy whispers past your body. Why can’t they find any rest and peace? How did they not welcome death with open arms after their poor bodies were broken and tortured without any mercy? To now be haunting their place of death with no rest for eternity.
The black, gaping door beckons you with a grin of hellish threat. Do you have the courage to enter and share your soul with the disenchantment of unholy practices of days gone by? How many satanic murders weren't committed in this place in the name of religion? Innocent virgins sacrificed to satisfy the needs of demonic followers.
Unwilling and without reservation you place one foot over the threshold. Cold crawling shivers run down your spine and you feel the evil glaring from the darkness with hatred. Waiting to seduce you and steal your soul gleefully.
Haunting souls call out to you for mercy and release. It burns through your spirit with desperation. You feel the hopelessness in the deepest recesses of your inner being, and empathy cuts through your bones. This is the moment to turn around and forget about your reckless urge to explore evil.
Indiscreetly you submit yourself to this abandoned castle of abomination. The mausoleum swallows you and you find yourself surrounded by a blackness that defies all reason. Frightened you grope around for something substantial to assure you that you won’t disappear into nothingness. There is nothing! Your arms fold protectively around your body, but it offers no reassurance.
Cold slimy fingers crawl over your feet and you feel yourself engulfed with dread. A demonic giggle make you turn around but you are blinded by unforgiving darkness. Direction has no meaning and you have no idea where the door is. Hopelessness invades your heart with icy claws and you realize there is no escape.
Burning red eyes appear around you and feel your heart palpitating. Hot sulfuric breath swirls around your unprotected body. A venomous hiss causes cold sweat of anxiety to cover your body. An insane roar fills your ears without mercy and you know without a doubt that your soul is about to join the others. Without mercy your body gets torn to pieces and you feel your blood flow as an offering to the power of darkness. For a moment you experience peace as your soul leaves your ravaged body, but then you realize you’re now also doomed to roam this evil hateful place for all eternity.