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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our souls have a spiritual knowledge...

Have you ever met someone and felt that you have known them all your life? When the way they speak and act feels so uncannily familiar to you? I think when we sleep our souls travel and meet up with other souls we have known before we were born or are destined to meet. Can you imagine meeting like that in the universe and just being together without the interference of our bodily needs and emotions? Just pure cosmic togetherness and entwined with other souls we connect with in the spiritual dimension.

I don’t believe anything happens by chance or coincidence. The people we meet on this earthly plane are not unknown to us. How can we meet someone and fall so irrevocably in love with each other as if that love has always been there? Perhaps we feel so deeply for that person because on a spiritual plane we have already met and fallen in love.

I have this image in my mind of souls meeting in mid-flight with joy and intense love. Entwined and filled with cosmic belonging. Spiritual adoration is more than just caring about someone because we feel a connection with them that we can’t explain. We know them on a deeper level because our souls have a relationship that has been there for eons.

We make friends with people we feel a deep infinity with and we experience things in life together because that was destined for us. Even if the time we have with someone here on earth is only for a little while we treasure those precious memories forever. The earth is so vast and it isn't always possible to be together forever because of the distance that separates us. We meet people we will never ever forget and we think about them with fondness and longing for the rest of our human lives.

There is a knowing that can’t be rationalized with realistic arguments. I’m sure you have met someone and ask yourself why you haven’t met years ago. With some relationships the only way we can connect is with the life experience we have at that time in our lives. Maybe if we met earlier we would not have had that deep affinity with them. Things need to happen first that can give us a deeper understanding of each other. 

So tonight when you go to sleep you will possibly meet another soul that is going to play a very important role in your life for years to come. Could be that it is not wishful thinking when you meet someone you feel is your soul mate, not only in love but also in friendship.