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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Be ready my friend, something marvelous is about to happen to you!!

I'm so excited about the next voyage of this awesome life that is waiting patiently to spring its surprise on me. I know just around the corner something magical is going to happen to me. Even if it’s only for a moment or months or years, I will throw myself right into it. From the smallest almost insignificant event to the most extraordinary surprise, I will grab it with both hands and just let it take me away on a ride of wonderment.
There is something amazing that is going to happen to you when you least expect it and one day you will remember this post and realize I was right. Maybe at this minute you are in that state of joy and I want you to wallow in it and make memories of it you can treasure for always. 

Pleasure is not something to feel guilty about, it is to be enjoyed without restraint.

There needs to be a balance in life that's why it goes up and down in waves like the ocean, to create a harmonious symphony to life. Happiness and pleasure can't last forever because then we won't ever learn to appreciate it when it comes. It will just be something we expect without any meaning. We need to experience deep sadness and struggle from time to time so that when you suddenly find yourself in a state of ecstasy it will be so much sweeter.

We tend to be so closed off and so caught up in our troubles that we don't even register something miraculous that is right in front of us. We are surrounded every day with gifts from the universe to make our hearts lift and curl the corners of our mouths into a beatific smile. Have you ever really looked in the mirror with a smile? See how it lights up your face and puts a twinkling in your eyes. Now imagine how that lovely smile infects others around you. Who wouldn't want to smile back at you? Maybe that smile at someone going through a difficult time, unknown to you, will lift their hearts in turn. This awesome little moment that you share with a stranger can be something life changing for them.
Nothing last forever, everything passes, even the worst of times. There is a miracle in your future that is going to bring so much bliss to you that you won’t even be able to recall this agony you are experiencing now.  

Be ready my friend, something extraordinary is about to happen to you!!