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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Spread Peace

To try and have peace in your life is a very difficult undertaking. People will upset you and make you feel like lashing out. Things will go wrong to make you angry and helpless. The key to attaining peace is to meditate on it and try to practise it every day. When someone attacks you, before you lash out take a deep breath and think peaceful thoughts. A harsh word can be deflected with a soft word of love. When someone insults you tell them in a soft loving way that you were hurt and that is was uncalled for. We are programmed from kids to defend ourselves so we instantly go into defensive mode when we are hurt. The walls come up and we distance ourselves from the ones who hurt us. Most of the times the ones who dish out the hurt are hurting themselves and need to make others hurt as well. When you feel like slapping someone, hug them instead and say you understand they are having a hard day. I read a saying on the net; “Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” You don’t know what is going on in the life of that unfriendly police officer or nurse. They are probably having a difficult time at home and don’t know how to work thru the pain. When I encounter an unfriendly person somewhere I try to be kind and most of the time they change their attitude. Your soft and kind words can just make that person feel life isn’t as bad as they think it is at that moment. We see people but we don’t know what goes on in their lives or in their minds. They may be facing a divorce or awaiting bad news from the doctor or have a husband beating them regularly. Not everyone talks about the struggles they go thru in life and keep it inside. When there is no release for pain it is easy to be miserable and hurtful. This can also cause what is called the ripple effect. When you make someone’s day better they will feel better about themselves and will in turn be nicer to someone else. So one nice thing you do for someone can make others benefit from it as well without you even knowing about it. Try it next time when you encounter an angry and unfriendly person. You may be surprised what your loving words can bring out in them. Blessed be and Namaste!!