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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Understanding bipolar disorder.

There are not many people who really understand the term bipolar disorder so hopefully this will clarify it for you. Bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain and causes very excessive mood swings. There are manic stages of very high and depressed stages of very low. During the manic episodes people who suffer from this feel an extremely euphoric feeling of being almost invincible. They also feel increased energy levels and don’t need much sleep.
Part of the manic feeling also includes feeling of irritation, restlessness and unable to concentrate on something for too long. Some of the symptoms are that they also feel disoriented from reality and suffer delusional thoughts. Judgement becomes impaired and that can lead to reckless driving, spending sprees and increased sexual activity. Some even report feelings of grandiose delusions where the patients think they have special connections to god or celebrity figures.
Racing thoughts, hyperactivity, paranoia, rapid emotional changes, anger and racing thoughts are said to be experienced. None of these emotions feel in any way abnormal to someone who suffers from bipolar and is on a manic high. Many sufferers prefer this to the depressive and absolute despair they experience in contradiction to the high.
Depressive episodes for the bipolar sufferer are the worst part of the disorder. During this stage they have a feeling of utter hopelessness, uselessness and excessive guilt about their lives. They suffer from a loss of self-esteem and interest in work or hobbies and have suicidal thoughts continuously. They have a lack of concentration and energy and intense feelings of sadness and can’t feel any pleasure about anything.
Bipolar disorder is a treatable illness but the combination of medication can take a while of trial and error before the right combination is found so that the patient can lead a relative normal life. They have to monitor their emotions and medication constantly and with the help of a psychiatrist it can be kept to a level where they can function. Contrary to belief this is not the person’s fault and it also doesn't mean they have an unstable personality.  They suffer from abnormal mood swings that can’t be controlled by the person themselves.
These people suffer not only the disorder but the havoc it wrecks in their private and professional lives. There is no cure for bipolar disorder but with medication, education, support and psychological therapy they can survive and lead a fulfilling life.
Blessed Be and Namaste!!