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Friday, November 15, 2013

If you are contemplating suicide please read this first...


Suicides are increasing and it makes me feel so heartbroken and helpless reading and hearing about it. Before you take that last fateful and irrevocable step please read this first. I lost my son to suicide a few years ago and it drowned me in the most desolate depair.  Many people suffer from depression, or they are just hurting so bad because of things that destroyed their lives, and never talk about it.

My son was very quiet for the last month of his life but I never presumed there was anything wrong with him. To see him lying dead under the tree was the biggest shock of my life. It left me insane with pain for years afterwards. When you consider suicide you don’t realise the destruction it is going to leave behind and your loved ones who will have to try and pick up the broken pieces that will never fit again. I am sure if he knew how his act was going to break me he would never have done it.

There are people in your life who loves you and their lives are going to be destroyed beyond repair if you take your own life. Don’t sit alone with your hurting heart and dream about suicide. It is not the answer to your problems. Go and talk to someone about your turmoil and suffering. There are organisations who are open 24 hours to be there for you and give you advice and help you through your struggles. Please I implore you, don’t take that step that will plunge your loved in utter despair.

Don’t worry about what people may say if you are depressed, you are not insane it is an illness, they don’t count when you are in need of serious help. Something that looks like the end of the road for you today, will look like nothing at all in a day or month’s time. If you feel suicide will be the only solution, first talk to someone about it. Talk to your family or a therapist, pastor, psychologist or other professional people who are equipped to handle this, but please think carefully before you do something that can never be taken back or repaired.  I hope this will give you food for thought, your life is worth more than you think.

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

Blessed Be and Namaste!