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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My love... Lost...

I loved you
Absolutely and completely
You owned all of me
I gave myself to you
My deepest love
My vulnerable trust
I belonged to you
My heart my soul my body
Only yours
You were all I thought about
Night and day
Under the full moon
You possessed me
In the bright rays of the sun
I followed you
But that was not enough for you
It was trampled over
Without a second thought.

Vengeance became
My sole purpose
My only wish
To destroy you
Murder your soul
Break you slowly
Till there was nothing left
Of the man I worshipped
I became to despise
The mere thought you
I needed to see you
Hurt more than
You ever imagined
Every word
Every action
Became calculated
You could never
Survive it
And for that…
I am deeply sad