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Monday, November 18, 2013

You say animals have no feelings??

How anyone can believe animals have no feelings is entirely beyond my understanding. They may not be able to speak but their actions speak louder than any words they can ever voice.

They express love in ways we can only dream of. Many cases have been reported where dolphins have protected human beings against shark attacks and saved from certain drowning. Scientists even call them non-human persons because of the compassion they display. People who suffer from post-traumatic stress have been known to benefit from spending time with these loving mammals.

Swans mate for life and when one dies the other will remain alone forever. How many humans can say this? With the divorce rate so high in the world we can learn the true meaning of the term till death do us part from our feathered friends.

Rhinoceros are believed to be the firefighters of the wild. When encountering a field fire they promptly stomp it out. These wonderful animals are hunted and murdered for their horns that is grounded up and used to treat erectile dysfunction. Men may as well chew on their own fingernails for the help it will do.

The majestic elephant never forgets anything that happens in its life. They will carry a grudge or remember a kindness done to them for ever. They are so trusting to humans that they won’t budge out of an enclosure even though they have the strength to break down any man made structure.

We see many things on the net about unlikely friends and animals taking care of other species. This is only one of them.

If after reading this you still think they don’t deserve our care and protection I have no hope left for you.

Blessed Be and Namaste all living creatures that populate our beautiful earth!!